About The Regency Cook

All those blogs and books about historic cooking, where would you start?

I can help. I offer online courses and in-person cookery classes where you learn to cook food that Jane Austen or your great-great grandmother might have eaten.

And you’ll learn the history behind the dishes too.

As the Regency Cook I can be your guide as we rediscover long-forgotten recipes from the early 1800s together.

It’s a true art, an enchanted kind of time travel, that you do. Thank you for welcoming us into it.–

Alex Haydn-Williams, Brighton UK

Who is The Regency Cook?

As the Regency Cook I set up the successful Dine Like a Servant pop-up restaurant and I started giving historic food courses in the old kitchen of The Regency Town House.

I now give online courses from my own home and appear regularly on local radio and in local and national newspapers.

But it wasn’t always like that…

I knew little too

I can relate if you think you know little about historic food because I was there too once.

Five years ago I found myself in an old freshly restored 1830s kitchen. I had a burning desire to cook but no idea how to achieve it.

I found out the hard way which books I should buy, which blogs I should use and the magic of history cooking. That’s what I’d like to share with you.

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Every Friday I give you a glimpse into an 1830s manuscript cookbook (below) and entice you with history and food stories.

An old manuscript cookbook seen from the outside. It's an old book from the 1830s battered and fascinating.