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How to make the best Christmas Pudding in a pudding cloth

The damp fug of a pudding gently boiling in a old kitchen, the rattling of a saucer in the pot

Dining with Duke Humphrey

But who is Duke Humphrey? And what is Leeky Stew with Nackerjack?

How to make rout cakes for your rout

Gasp at bawdy and disorderly routs and discover the cakes that were served at them

The Best Christmas Pudding Award – An Historic Fight

Frumerty, Plum Pottage, Hackin Pudding and Plum Pudding battle it out

How to make Elizabethan Shred Mince Pies for a very special Christmas

A recipe from 1699 with raisins, suet, currants, peel, spices and sugar and…beef

A short history of puddings (in 5 Regency rooms)

Let me whisk you through a historic house feeding you morsels of puddings in each room we enter

5 books that will get you passionate about food history

Are you interested in food AND history? Do you want to start cooking historic recipes but find it difficult to start?

How to save a (Regency) kitchen

Up a scaffold I hatched a plan. Looking down at an old kitchen I imagined the dresser restored and a huge kitchen table in the middle. One day I would make historic recipes in this space and bring the kitchen …

A day in the life of a Regency house

The 1830s Regency kitchen is where I work and from where I write this.

The pastry room – what was it like to work there? And a recipe for artichoke pie

A small dark room lies behind the meat safe in the Town House’s basement annexe

How to make Elizabethan Gingerbread. An easy recipe using breadcrumbs.

An autumn afternoon called for gingerbread so I consulted my recipe books

How to restore a Kitchen Dresser

Long, slow but worth it… It’s been a long slow process but the original dresser at 13 Brunswick Square is finally restored. It’s back in the same place it was when the house was constructed in 1829. But it’s not …

How did it manage to stay untouched for so long?

As a volunteer I often get asked the question how the Town House’s basement managed to stay untouched for so long. An elderly lady in history I tell people who asked the true story of an elderly lady living in …

Explore the Regency Town House

The location for Dine Like a Servant and Lunch with the Curator is a very special one

How to make historic Hot Cross Buns

We could have gone out to the shops and bought them but where is the fun in that?

What is a peck of flour?

Prior to 1800 a peck of wheat flour weighed 14 pounds. However…

How to convert an historical recipe

Here are some tips to get you started