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How to make the best Christmas Pudding in a pudding cloth

The damp fug of a pudding gently boiling in a old kitchen, the rattling of a saucer in the pot

Dining with Duke Humphrey

But who is Duke Humphrey? And what is Leeky Stew with Nackerjack?

Could this forgotten Victorian ginger pudding take you time travelling?

‘I got them at a flea market in Lewes’ the elderly woman says, and hands me an envelope. Inside are ten sheets of faded brown paper covered in copperplate script. ‘I’ve held on to them for 20 years not knowing …

How to create a delicious Regency dinner that Jane Austen may have eaten

Have you ever wanted to eat like Jane Austen? One day I got called from the owners of a house where Jane Austen visited. They wanted me to create a Jane Austen menu. I’d like to share that menu with …

How to make rout cakes for your rout

Gasp at bawdy and disorderly routs and discover the cakes that were served at them

The Best Christmas Pudding Award – An Historic Fight

Frumerty, Plum Pottage, Hackin Pudding and Plum Pudding battle it out

How to make Elizabethan Shred Mince Pies for a very special Christmas

A recipe from 1699 with raisins, suet, currants, peel, spices and sugar and…beef

How to make Mother Eve’s Pudding – an 1820s recipe.

A recipe written as a poem If you have a good pudding pray mind what you’re taughtTake two penny worth of eggs when they’re twelve for a groat,Then take of the fruit which Eve once did cozen,Well pared and well …

How to make Twitter a better place – with emotional food memories

Which food reminds you of your grandparents? For me, it’s seed cake served with tea in proper cups next to a blazing coal fire   What’s your grandparent or food memory? I’d love to hear. The words above went out …

How to make Piccalilli – Regency Style!

One of the earliest pickles to become popular in England was piccalilli

A short history of puddings (in 5 Regency rooms)

Let me whisk you through a historic house feeding you morsels of puddings in each room we enter

How to make an enchanting Jane Austen style picnic

Imagine picnic hampers filled with delicious food

Picnics and beer on Karen Morton’s Food and Drink Show

A brewery, a vineyard, a picnic and a recipe, first broadcast 20th June 2021

Hot Cross Bun course booklet and video links

Here is a booklet for the Hot Cross Buns course and a link to a 6 minute video that runs through all the steps in the recipe we’ll be making.

Greengage and Lime Sponge Pie

This recipes comes from Gary Rhodes – Around Britain. First published in 1996. Ingredients For the pie 175-225g sweet shortcrust pastry 400g fresh greengages, halved and stoned Icing sugar 2-3 tbsps greengage jam or lime marmalade For the sponge 50g …

Blood orange, ricotta and olive oil cake

From Bitter Honey: Recipes and Stories from the Island of Sardinia by Letitia Clark. For the base 1-2 blood oranges 100g sugar For the batter 200ml olive oil – any kind is good, I used virgin 200g caster sugar Pinch …

Rhyming Recipes

A delicious pudding that’s a poem from the days when few cooks could read or write

A simple shortcrust pastry

This is a basic recipe and useful for mince pies and tarts. Ingredients 125g/4oz cold butter 250g/8oz plain flour 1 teaspoon salt A little cold water (about 1 tablespoon) Method Put the flour in a mixing bowl. Chop the butter …

5 classic old puddings you need to try

Spotted Dick, Jam Roly Poly, Bakewell Pudding, Summer Pudding, Queen of Puddings

5 books that will get you passionate about food history

Are you interested in food AND history? Do you want to start cooking historic recipes but find it difficult to start?