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Historic Christmas Pudding Class

16.00-17.00 on 26th November 2023 (Stir Up Sunday)

A Christmas Pudding workshop held online. Get yourself prepared and in the mood for Christmas with delicious historical recipes.

Enjoy over an hour of cookery escapism on the traditional stir up Sunday and make your Christmas Pudding from a historic recipe from Eliza Acton, with me, Paul Couchman, The Regency Cook.

This is an online event that will walk you through the steps you need to create a Christmas Pudding from a recipe from the 1840s.

Along the way you”ll discover the history of the Christmas pudding with historical tales of puddings past.

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Jane Austen Mince Pie Bake-Along

A Christmas Mince Pie class held online on Christmas Eve. Bake-Along or watch and enjoy the food & history.

Enjoy an hour of Christmas Eve baking and make your Mince Pies from a historic recipe on Christmas Eve.

We will make lemon mincemeat pies that Jane Austen almost certainly enjoyed. I will show a special 1830s recipe from the manuscript cookbook I own but we’ll also be going further back in history as I show you pies from the medieval, Elizabethan and other periods.

While I am cooking we’ll explore together the history of the mince pies from its meaty beginnings to the Regency, the Victorian era and beyond.

You will receive all these recipes sent to you before the class.

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A Halloween (online) Happening (a recorded workshop) with Sarah Tobias

Discover the origins of Halloween, listen to amusing poetry & make and taste spooky historical food. Fun and terror – if you dare.

You will discover the origins of Halloween, the darker part of the year when we remember the dead and the veil of life and death is at its thinnest.

The tradition originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

You will listen to amusing poetry and discover food fit for All Hallow’s Eve which you can see being made – ingredients and recipes will be available -and you may wish to cook along.

A fun, informative and terrifying hour – on Zoom – if you dare!

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Taking Tea on a Summer Afternoon (a recorded workshop)

A Regency tea party

A delightful history of tea drinking and the food that went with it.

From high tea to low tea. Do you drink your afternoon tea or eat it? 

The afternoon tea table was filled with elegant silver and beautiful china. Tea drinking brought about the production of items from teapots to tea tables which will be demonstrated with two illustrated presentations.

Sarah will be telling you about the history of tea drinking from 2732 BC and its popularity during the Georgian, and mainly Victorian, periods when it is seen in all its splendour. 

Paul will be taking you into kitchens of the past and showing you delicious delights from the tea table as he explains how and when they became popular, particularly those from the Regency era. 

Teacakes, crumpets and muffins will be delved into. The recipes and the history with live demonstrations from his kitchen.

He will send you a workbook with all the details, recipes and ingredients for you to create your historic tea recipes at home.

Get the recording and workbook complete with recipes and history for £15.00.

Jane Austen Picnic Experience (a recorded workshop)

A Regency picnic by a lake

An online picnic class that combines food history with delicious food you can make to enjoy outdoors

Get the recording and workbook complete with recipes and history for £15.00 here

Enjoy one and a quarter hours of cookery & history escapism and make your own Jane Austen picnic, inspired by historic recipes, with me, Paul Couchman, The Regency Cook.

#JaneAustenPicnicExperience is a recorded workshop that will walk you through the steps you need to create a delicious picnic that characters in a Jane Austen novel would have enjoyed.

Discover historic recipes to recreate the tastes of Regency summers gone by.

You can make delicious pork or vegetarian raised pie, construct a beautiful Salamagundy salad dish, make some rout cakes and put together a delightful syllabub.

Throughout the class, you’ll learn the history of these dishes. So you can dazzle your friends with your knowledge of Regency food.

At the end of this recorded class, you’ll have created picnic dishes fine enough for any Regency picnic. Fit to be seen in a Jane Austen novel or (even) to appear on Netflix’s Bridgerton!

Jane Austen Picnic Experience Online

Fit for a King – Ceremony and Feasting (a recorded workshop)

Prince Regent in his coronation robes with retinue of lords

The spectacular rituals and procedures that were performed at British Coronations and the food that was eaten.

The price is £12.50 – buy securely on Paypal

A British coronation is a historic and religiously significant event filled with glorious pomp and ceremony.

We view the curious customs, long-held and complex traditions, lavish robes, resplendent regalia, glorious guests, dazzling jewels, and magnificent feasts of ages past to the present day.

And you get some historical recipes from Coronation dishes you can make for yourself at home.

An online class to honour the coronation of King Charles III.

Presented with social historian Sarah Tobias.