How to make Twitter a better place – with emotional food memories

Which food reminds you of your grandparents? For me, it’s seed cake served with tea in proper cups next to a blazing coal fire  

What’s your grandparent or food memory? I’d love to hear.

The words above went out as a Tweet on my Twitter account and the replies flooded in. Many of these memories were emotional.

Here are just three of them. 

Steak and chips

Steak and chips from my Belgian Nan. Especially having a cone of chips with mayonnaise after their first fry. Also her meatball soup, I could cry at the happy memories.

Plaited Dough

My grandfather taught himself how to cook after my grandmother died and went through all her old recipes learning each one. His favourite recipe of hers is plaited dough covered in syrup and it requires several hours of lying down to recover after eating but is so good.

Apple Pie

My gran made the World’s Best Apple Pie with the apples from the tree in her garden. Thick, juicy slices, perfect pastry. It was absolutely heavenly. Miss you, Granny.

How to behave on Twitter

There were more than 1449 replies and 902 retweets. People shared personal details of food and family life and a week later, the replies are still coming up.

The Tweet above and the conversation it generated is an example of how, with food stories, you can make Twitter a better place. I try to behave on Twitter with impeccable manners, as I imagine a Regency gentleman would at a Regency ball.

On Twitter, you can start food conversations, create food connections and build delicious relationships with every Tweet you send. 

I share recipes and let people see who I am with pictures of my kitchen, my cat and my allotment. 

Share parts of your life

By sharing parts of your personal history you bring your followers into your world. It is then that people feel they can interact with you.

Why do I like Twitter more than any other social media platform? It seems more equal. 

We can respond to others with written messages, photos. I’ve seen inside kitchens all over the world, peered through people’s bookshelves and admired their cats.

Don’t despair

If you are new to Twitter don’t despair. It takes time to perfect your Tweeting skills just like everyone doesn’t shine at their first Regency ball. 

But slowly you will learn what to say and people will flock to you for your advice, guidance, they might go on courses that you give or they might tell you how much they miss their gran.

There are two classes to choose from:

Christmas Pudding in a pudding cloth on Stir Up Sunday, 21st November 2021

Historic Mince pies on 5th December 2021

If you’d like to share your memories with me and others during my Christmas food courses I’d be honoured.